HELGA release 2018/11

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HELGA release 2018/11

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A new maintenance release is ready.
There are bug fixes
- allocate chip numbers from text field
- OL-CO import with SPORTident
And some improvements
- Explicit error message when trying to update Webres after 1 month (not possible)
- Split times export as HTML file
- Optimized XML v3 course data import for Relays (and disabling v2 because optimization is not possible)
- French CN export excluding IDs > 900000
- Startlists by Class show course number (useful for races with SPORTident where no EMIT backup label is handed out anymore..)
- Repetitive punching at the same SPORTident control is filtered out of the sequence (when people stay too long..)
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Re: HELGA release 2018/11

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mise à jour correspondante de l'Aide en Français
"only solutions"

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