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HELGA release 2022/11

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Nothing major in the November release, but an important change in the Help system:
The Help button on the ribbon now displays the contextual help on web pages in your browser (Internet connection required), instead in the local CHM files.
There are several advantages:
  • always the most up to date version (at least French and English..)
  • better readability on large screens
  • you can browse the help on any internet device - computer or mobile
Pressing the F1 key on the keyboard still opens the CHM file.

The HELGA home page has been enhanced with a new menu item.
In addition, also a few improvements
  • the VACANT (placeholder) user cannot be deleted [by mistake] in team races anymore
  • the ticket printout width in the Emit/SPORTident Test screen has been adjusted when a POS-58 printer is selected

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