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by theweb
Tue, 18. Sep 2012 11:03
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Topic: Printer for Split Times
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Re: Printer for Split Times

Hey Robert, with your last message The last available model is the TM 88 V with a very fast speed (1.5 sec. for a ticket with 100 controls !!). you referred to the TM88V version. I assume that you therewith implicit said that this is also a suitable printer within Helga!? As for connecting this USB ...
by theweb
Fri, 31. Aug 2012 16:27
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Topic: No tables when installing the newest Helga version 2012/07-0
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No tables when installing the newest Helga version 2012/07-0

Starting up gives: "There has been an error with the compilation of this function". The compile error , when i use one of the Tab functions is situated in the modGlobal module at the publicFunction getConnect. In the following code: if bGet Then strConnect=Mid(CurrentDb.tableDefs("Box...
by theweb
Sun, 09. Nov 2008 19:09
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Topic: Error when updating the member database (fixed)
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Error when updating the member database (fixed)

Hey, i'm using the latest Helga version 2008/10 with Office 2007. When i try to update the VVO and FRSO member file through Helga configuration option, i receive an error for both files esp.: "Error 31541 during execution. This file can not be open in Helga - <name of course>" with the pop...
by theweb
Mon, 01. Sep 2008 21:19
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Topic: Templates Emit T88III prints
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Templates Emit T88III prints

We have just bought a new laptop with ... Vista! Office 2007 is installed. I have now the latest update from Helga. Two Laser Jet printers HP1018 are installed from which one is set as CT88III to print the running results. We are using sliced paper in appr. A6 format. To have the result printed on t...