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HELGA release 2018/01

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It's almost 2018, and time again to present a new HELGA version! It's quite a major release, with some exciting new features!
Final tests are under way, stay tuned!
  • Program file renamed from HELGA9.MDB to HELGA.MDB (see attached document for details)
  • Name of the split times ticket printer can now be selected in HELGA (see attached document for details)
  • A map counter has been introduced. It can help you to check the numbers of maps against registrations on site, but also to print extra (vacant) EMIT backup labels.
  • A huge effort was put in implementing the new IOF XML version 3 format for various data exchanges. Initially it will be used for Splitsbrowser, allowing to see all available splits of a runner that is NCL (and not just until the mistake as previously). But the aim is to open the new Data Exchange module soon for Belgian course registrations and IOF Eventor races (registrations, start lists and results). Also, other plateforms support XML 3 already, which will make data exchange with HELGA even smoother.
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