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HELGA release 2022/10

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The October release is ready and comes with these new features
  • When importing the SPORTident (Start/Check) protocol file(s), not arrived people will be set to status ACTIVE. Until now they were DidNotFinish, which is not nice in intermediate result lists.
  • New Ticket configuration option to print instant position or not (only visible for General Time Keeping, but can also be changed via SQL).
  • Bugfix: Reset ticket printer selection list on opening the Configuration screen.
  • Change: When adding new Persons, the club will always be Indiv., and not the last used one.
  • The Competition title is now also shown in the Finish screen caption. This should create awareness when switching between Current competitions, that the Finish screen needs to be re-opened.
  • In Persons, when checking if a controlcard is rented, this is now also done within the Extra cards.
  • For BEL users, additional data is transferred to Webres, to enable an advanced data synchronisation with O'Punch.

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