HELGA at the 3 days of Belgium 2021

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HELGA at the 3 days of Belgium 2021

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Quite similar actually to 2010, I would like to inform about the technical setup that was used to manage the Arrivals at the 3 Days of Belgium 2021.
To build the network, we used a D-LINK 4G Router (model DWR-921), which has a slot for a SIM card to extend the local network to the Internet.
3 Laptops were used:
- L1 as main computer and server for the shared HELGADAT.mdb file and with Epson split times printer E1
- L2 as secondary computer for reading the arrivals, with Epson split times printer E2
- L3 as management computer for time and chip number changes, and for scheduled result uploads to WEBRES. Via WhatsApp, all changes were immedidately communicated from and to the Start team, so that we had 0 "unknown badge" on Arrival..
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