General Time Keeping

This section explains some adapted settings and features for events, where HELGA is rather used for time keeping only, with or without check points to pass. 

When the Start option "General Time Keeping" is selected, the following areas are slightly different than in the "Orienteering" mode. They are all based on configuration values that can be set any time.

1) The Finish screen allows to enter or edit the miliseconds, when the option in Configurations is enabled. 

2) A special Kiosk mode / menu is available, for self-service viewing of one's result and printing of the splits ticket. 

Typically, only a numeric key pad is provided to enter the bip number. Or, a control card reading unit can be used to load the screen data.

3) The option to Re-use the control card in the same competition is enabled by default.
4) Same for the possibility to remain in Read mode, to just view the registered runner's details continuously.
5) An Excel export of all READ control cards and the registration details is available. 

6) The Webres screen has the possibility for a double publication of the results by class AND by course. If the setup had forseen it, this can be used to present "General results" and "Results by age class" (see example Trail Run below). Additionally, the overall winners can be excluded from the Age class podium (example) - the setting is a number per Course.


7) The default value for "Only show arrivals" for scroll results is "checked".

8) To come: display a warning when the first split time occured before the official start time. 

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