Happy New Year! What can we say about 2019? Let's have a look at the Webres statistics:

  • number of races: 474 (+)
  • organising clubs: 148 (+)
  • distinct runners: 19422 (+)
  • participations: 75386 (+)
  • countries: 5 (=)
  • runner's nationalities: 53 (=)

Also, just before the end of the year, we reached 500000 results on Webres, in little more than 9 years. What a nice knowledge base about Orienteering in Belgium, Brazil, France and Netherlands!

For 2020, let's see if we can expand to new countries..

On the roadmap we have the new Trekking module, which will bring HELGA to a new public. And since Webres covers now fully all result types, we will look into more optimizations inside HELGA. Stay tuned and thanks for your confidence!

If you like the software you can show your appreciation by making a little donation in order to motivate us for developing even more exciting features. Thank you!