HELGA is written in Microsoft Access (32 Bit) and supports version 2010 and higher (incl. free Runtime 365).

The EMIT Electronic Punching and Timing system is integrated using the OCX Timing component.

Interface for SPORTident system using the SIComm OCX.

Split time sheets can be printed instantly at the finish using Epson Point-of-Sale printers (TM-T88V or compatible).

Result Export functionality for analysis to Winsplits, Splitsbrowser, RouteGadget2, Livelox

Import of Course setting data from OCAD 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, 2018, or Purple Pen.

Integrated interface to web portal for publishing start times and result lists (incl. split times) directly from HELGA.

Extended support of the IOF XML v3 data exchange format.

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