Version 2024/03

This release adds some improvements and extensions to HELGA.

  • The registration ticket can now also be printed via reading the control card. This possibility can nicely be combined with the option "Remain in Read mode [SI Management]" to accompany chip give-outs with a data receipt.

    Also, the Registration time stamp is only printed on the day of the event itself.
  • The BIP number is exported in IOF XML results.
  • To fix a crash during the IOF XML registration import for FFCO, the datatype for the CN score has been increased to LONG.
  • The report for Multi-day registration fees has be improved to correctly handle participants that run for different clubs.
  • The handling of the Club/Class mapping tables during the import of XML registrations has been optimized: a check box allows to filter on unmapped data only. 

    Also, if there is nothing to map in Clubs, the focus switches directly to Class/Course.
  • In General Time Keeping mode, an extra check has been added in the Finish screen to detect runners with a first split time earlier than the official first start. During mass start running events, some people might have already spotted some check points before the start..
  • Registration import from O'Punch supports now Multi-day events, with individual day selection and (soon) start wishes. This makes a duplicate entry system for "foreigners" obsolete.
  • In the Person screen, the check box "Late entry" now remembers the last state for the next runner.

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