Version 2024/05

This release adds some more support for onsite registrations, and flexibility for result generation.

  • The result of a quick search (by name or number) or more complex search in the Persons screen can now be exported to Excel, for further processing, like for example label creation or other mail merge.

  • The quick search by number can now be switched between Bib of registered runners and National/regional federation number (if applicable). The choice is remembered.

  • It's now possible to print a registration ticket for all runners in the current search result. The layout of the ticket has slightly changed to better support secretary work.

  • For the IOF result export , the option "Separate HD by course" is now explicitely available.
  • An alternative result sorting is now offered by class and special class. The "standard" is by age, first women then men. The "alternate" is grouping each age range, like D10, H10, D-12, H-12 etc. to support such price giving ceremonies. It's present for all type of results (print, HTML, Webres), including final multiday results. Please note that the additional sort order column is populated automatically during upgrade for regular classes only; for special classes it needs to be amended manually. The blank HELGADAT files have been revised for both types of classes and should be downloaded for new races.

  • A new country/nationality IIA for "IOF Independent Athlete" has been added. Further info on the IOF website.


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