Double WEBRES export for results by Course + age Class
Max time per category, leads to automatically "over time" on arrival
Self-service Finish result screen with ticket printout
Possibility for second result ticket printout for NCL
SI Card registration statistics + capacity check for course
Multiple punching card import + search supported
API key for member download
Score team competition extended to 1-6
Speed indication choice between min/km or km/h
Control number descriptions, can be imported from OCAD
Personal PDF result sheet in WEBRES
SPORTident Finish control set up with miliseconds supported
Advanced import from SI-Config+ exports
Generic registrations import from Excel files
Automatic O'Punch integration with START and WEBRES
New Event type "Trekking" for teams with Score calulation, with XML import of registrations, and Chip sharing
Full Webres support of Multiday events by Points or Time sum
Generic XML import of Competitors
Import registrations (XML) from O'Punch portal
QR code on split times tickets
SIReader interface to receive and publish intermediate/online results
All HTML or XML outputs as Unicode
Person link with IOF profile on ID
Keeping track of number of printed maps vs. number of registrations
Dedicated button for "Data exchange" on menu bar featuring IOF v3 XML
Scottish point system for Multiday-5 races
Redesigned screen to manage runners still out
Scroll results in 2 columns
Export results for Routegadget2
Indicate reason for non-classification on splits tickets
Optionel name for courses
Advanced start fee management, per class
Support of new IOF World Ranking IDs and complete export of result to Excel
Score team competition now possible with teams of 2-4
Interface to AnimO speaker animation software
Interface to Starter Clock multi-device software
Batch upload of start times in multi-day events, incl. Relays
Usability improvement when creating new events
EMIT backup matrix sheet
Current winning time on splits ticket
Timed export to WebRes
For 3 Days, reverse classification start times on 3rd day
Instant classification calculated when downloading data and printed on split time sheet
New presentation in Event and Competition management screen (without external OCX)
Flexible number of relays by class (1-9)
Relay results incl. split times (Excel file) on WebRes
Online control with SPORTident
Better data import from MTR3 device
Quick search by national number
More robust readout of SPORTident data
Improved management of (special) classes and sort orders
Results portal for classic and score races, incl. split times graphics
Support for SI Card version 6 with 192 controls
Improved Split times ticket, with min/km for any known control distance
New SETUP program
Refurbished layout of all HTML reports
Start Time portal
French Classement National (CN)
Import/Export of EMIT/SI-Cards in the Finish screen automatically capture started persons
Brazilian customizations
Internationalization BEL-FRA-NED-BRA
Automatic downloads of member's databases (BEL,FRA)
Support for SPORTident electronic punching system
Relay management from 2 to 6 runners
New Start List calculation mode: compact (blocks) by class
Crossing - to cancel time between 2 controls
Butterfly courses (and generally support of recurrent controls)
Multi-Day extension to 5 days
New SI Splitsbrowser format with calculated start times
Fully integrated help file (F1 key) in French, Dutch and English
OCAD9 XML course data import
Enhanced Online Control support
Simultaneous support for 2 Emit units (250 and MTR)

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